A Review of SiteSell's SBI! (Solo Build It!) – A Personal Guide.

My name is Steve M Nash and you might know me from my own SBI! site, SelfHelpCollective.com, or from my TextMeFree.com or SMNash.com sites... or you might not know me at all, and just find yourself here after searching for 'sitesell SBI!' or something... Anyway, Site-BuildIt.com is my free guide to SBI! (formerly Site Build It! now Solo Build It!) at your service. What's here, then?...

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Steve's SUMMARY of SiteSell's SBI!

Essentially, SBI! is a complete internet business building software service, aimed at beginners and experts alike. Ever evolving and improving, SiteSell's SBI! has been around since 2001...

Meaning: SBI! helps you make money helping others - ethically, lovingly, and slowly.

It provides all the action steps you need, via a proven-to-work Action Guide, and helps you discover your passion or expertise, and then show you how to best convert 'what you are interested in' into a website that will get (and engage with) visitors eager to make use of your knowledge and skills.

What's with the "ethical, loving and slow" bit? Well...

SBI! works on a philosophy that SiteSell call C-T-P-M

C - Create Content (SBI! writing guides encourage you towards creating compelling content via a 'write as you speak' approach)

T - Get traffic (SBI!'s unique Brainstorm It keyword research tool helps you create content that is both being searched for and for which there isn't too much competition - think market research tool)

P - Presell (SBI! encourages a 'write/share/create as yourself' approach, whilst always having the site visitors' needs in mind)

M - Monetize (SBI! provides extensive guides and support to help you convert those visitors into dollars/pounds/euros - e.g. advertising, selling e-books, lead generation, etc.)

NOTE: SiteSell's brand new Trafeze is all about monetization

Everything you need to create "a website that works" is included. Whether you are a complete newbie (to web building, or online business) or you are a seasoned pro. And private online forums and a weekly E-zine keep you up-to-date on the always changing online marketing landscape.

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SBI!: What's Included, Then?

What's included, specifically then? (Taken and modified (a little) from SiteSell's order form.)

What's included in SBI!
Research Your Niche
Plan Your Work
Domain Name and Hosting
Design and Build Your Site
Engage Your Visitors (Email Marketing, User Generated Content, Contact Forms)
Turn Traffic Into Customers
Search Engines Love Your Site (Keyword Research & Analyze It! module)
Know Your Metrics
Market Your Business
Grow Your Brand
Master Online Marketing
Professional Support Included
Secure Hosting

This video summarises SiteSell's SBI! nicely



NOTE: In 2014 SiteSell developed a plugin for WordPress that would help WordPress users take full advantage of SBI!, whilst keeping the familiarity of WordPress as a content creation tool. As far as I can tell, the only things missing from SBI! for WP (compared to SBI!) are these:
- No Email Marketing Solution (my tip is to use Aweber)
- No Web Hosting Included (provide this for yourself)
- No Statistics (use your web host's stats or an analytics plugin)

Learn More About SBI! for WP

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Pros and Cons of SiteSell's SBI!

  1. It's a one-of-a-kind business-building solution that provides a step-by-step guide, has been proven to work time and again, and gives you all the help you'll need to make your site a success, if you're ready to play your part too.

  2. SBI! offers, for me, the simplest way to convert your wisdom and passions into an online business that serves others

  3. (Seriously, isn't that enough?)

  4. Oh, okay, Dr Ken Evoy - the founder of SiteSell and SBI! - is a one-of-a-kind 'boss', who very much gets involved in the forums, who very much encourages support and constructive criticism of SBI, who listens. Yes, much of the success of SBI! has been down to how Dr Ken Evoy listens to SBIers
  1. SBI! is not a get rich quick scheme! Seriously, think years rather than days or weeks, if you're thinking about an income you can rely on.

  2. The hardest part of SBI! is the beginning...

    The beginning of SBI!, even once you are familiar with all that is on offer, is the hardest. And that's because it requires you to reflect on your interests/passions and, via the SBI! Action Guide, convert that interest into content that people are actually searching for. I came up with "self-help", for example, which turned out to be too broad a theme. (Seems obvious, now, but it wasn't at the time.) The beginning is the time when most patience is needed

  3. It can be very easy to get overwhelmed by SiteSell's SBI!.

    The SBI! Action Guide is a comprehensive step-by-step marketing guide that can be used by a variety of business-types (e.g. work at home Moms, infopreneurs, online vendors etc.). So it can be easy to get distracted, or simply think there is too much to do. Whilst the forums provide fantastic support, these too can feel overwhelming to beginners' eyes.

    (You ARE always encouraged to go slowly, though, and if you do that the overwhelm will pass.)

  4. SiteSell's SBI! is a proprietary software.

    Which means there is a learning curve to using SBI!, especially the Site Builder. It also means it's not easy to transfer your site from SiteSell to a simple web host, should you want to do that. The content 2.0 module in particular can not be transferred. SiteSell will provide all the help you need to transfer, but it is a consideration.

    (One solution to this is to use SBI! for WP on a WordPress blog.)

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Look, I don't know who you are or even how aware of your capabilities you are. I don't know how much time you are able to spare to SBI!. Nor do I know how ready you are to "make a difference" (if you are, great!) or whether you just want to "make money fast" (if so, stop reading, SBI! is not for you!). What I do know, though, is this:

I know you can make SBI! work, and I know that laziness and procrastination and "you knowing better" will simply mean you end up wasting your time and money. SBI! requires commitment, plain and simple, I know that too. But ask any successful business owner and they'll tell you that their business required commitment too.

So I guess it all depends on whether you are ready to commit to SBI!, commit to yourself, or not. And only you can know that...

Or, if you think you're ready already, then this is the order button.

Thank you for reading my personal guide to SBI!

PS I know too that the SBI! sales page can seem confusing - SBI! seems to do so much for so many, after all. Thankfully, you can get your questions answered - any question about SBI! - by an SBI! Advisor, for free.

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About Steve & SiteSell's SBI!

I started my SBI! journey (in 2001) as a half-decent web designer - which means I had (and still have) a half-decent knowledge of HTML (and other techie stuff you don't need to know about to use SBI!). And I say this because, even though I have used pretty much all of the tools on offer at SBI! over the years, it means I have little experience of their (now much improved) state-of-the-art Site Builder software. I did not need to use it, and still prefer not to right now.

Which is why I tried to keep this SBI! review as non-technical as I can - and not focus on the 80+ SBI! tools at your disposal. Instead, I tried to summarise SiteSell's SBI!, from my perspective, and then discuss some of the pros and cons of using SBI!.

Best way to know if SBI! is for you is to find out for yourself! If you're interested in making a living by helping others, that is.

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NOTE: I do make a commission should you decide to buy SBI! via the affiliate links I provide (details of SiteSell's affiliate program here!). This doesn't mean you're paying any more for SBI! - you're not - nor does it mean I'm only recommending SBI! to make some money. I'm not.

I genuinely see SiteSell's SBI! as an empowering service that can help change lives. It's helped change my life, that's for sure, as I really wouldn't have created SelfHelpCollective.com without SBI!. Nor would I have developed my transformative coaching website, either. I can thank SBI! for how my life has developed...